5 Most Popular Wedding Cars with Chauffeur in Singapore

Is your big day coming up? Or do you know someone who is getting married soon? Whether you are in the former or latter group, you should definitely check out our list of popular wedding cars in singapore so you can make a more informed decision, or help a Friend out. 

Below, we have a list of some of our most popular wedding cars, based on the number of bookings from our previous customers. 

These wedding cars below all come with a chauffeur, just in case you’re wondering ;)

Jaguar XF 

This is one of, if not the most popular wedding cars we have. And we can see why, the Jaguar XF in white is a truly special car - it has gorgeous curves, a very handsome front facia, looks stunning with wedding decorations on, and probably the biggest draw of this car is the unique factor. This car is simply not as common on the roads as BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars - so arriving to your wedding venue in a Jaguar is definitely cooler than arriving in a more common car like a typical BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz e class etc. 

The fact that it’s British may just have to do something with its popularity too !

Jaguar XF wedding car

Audi A6

Audi’s are cool. There’s no doubting that. The Audi A6 is a car that has a very good looking, aggressive front fascia which can only be matched by the Jaguar XF, and is one of our more popular cars for a very good reason - just look at it ! In white, with wedding decor, it looks way more grand, and more expensive that it actually is.

For an expensive looking car that doesn’t break the bank - this is an excellent choice !

Audi A6 wedding car
Audi A6 wedding car

Toyota Alphard/Vellfire

Bet you weren’t expecting this car to be on this list of popular wedding cars collection ! The Toyota Alphard/Vellfire is a very popular wedding/bridal car because of its looks and spacious interior. 

Between the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire, the Alphard is more popular as a wedding car as it looks more ‘atas’, according to our customers. This makes it apt as a wedding car as most couples are looking for something that is more elegant, as compared to something sporty during their wedding.

The interior of the Alphard is also huge ! It can sit 6 people (excluding the driver) with ease, which makes it the bridesmaids car of choice. 

toyota Alphard wedding car
Vellfire interior

Mercedes GLC

Another surprise ! This time, we have a Mercedes-Benz SUV for the sporty, adventurous couple. Not many people can say they got chauffeured in a luxury SUV on their wedding day, and with the beautiful looks and striking lines, it’s no surprise that this car is popular amongst our couples. The high seating position also makes it easy for couples to get in and out of, and the uniqueness of turning up at your wedding venue in a luxury SUV helps to up the cool factor. 

mercedes glc wedding car
mercedes GLC wedding car

BMW 7 Series

Last but not least, we have the BMW 7 Series. This car is massive, and like the Alphard, can sit you and your partner very comfortably. We’re not exactly sure why this car is more popular than it’s rival, the Mercedes S-Class, and we think it may have to do with the prestigious BMW badge. This car is so popular as a chauffeur driven car, it even comes in a high-security package which is used to chauffeur VIPs around, and comes with ballistic protection ratings, irritant gas sensors, and even a centre compartment to fit 2 machine guns !

BMW 7 series wedding car

So that’s it ! The list of the top 4 wedding cars with chauffeur in Singapore that we think can help you make a better decision on which car to get for your wedding. Up next, we’ll do up a list of the best self drive wedding cars for your big day . Stay tuned ! 

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