Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we know it may be your first time renting a car. So worry not ! We’ve got the answers for you right here. If it’s not, then WhatsApp Us @

  1. What cars do you have and what are the prices like?

    You can refer to our cars and prices here :

  2. What are the additional charges if I rent the car beyond 12 hours? (Chauffeur Driven)

    Different cars have different charges, so it’s best to check with us. Typically they range from $50 - $90 per hour depending on the car.

  3. Any extra charges for making additional trips?

    We go by the hour, not the number of trips 😇 . So, no extra charges.

  4. Is the car exclusive to the bride and groom?

    The car can be used to transport your family members as well, but do be mindful and note that they are wedding cars, not logistics cars.

  5. Can you provide decoration? How much?

    Yes we do. You can view our wedding car decoration here :

  6. Can I view and inspect the car?

    Yes you can. Do talk to us to arrange for a viewing.

  7. How soon do I have to make a reservation?

    ASAP. Our wedding cars are out for for jobs every weekend, so it’s best to book early to secure your dream car.

  8. What payment modes are accepted?

    Bank Transfer and PayNow.

  9. Any hidden charges?

    Just like our customers, we hate hidden charges. We do not believe in such practices, therefore all prices quoted to you are nett. Quoted price will only change if there are changes to the booking duration/timing, car chosen etc.