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5 amazing driver's cars

Maybe instead of trying to say what a driver's car should or shouldn't be, it's best instead to think about what emotions it should invoke. It should be a car that you want to drive not merely as a tool to save your legs the walking - but something you want to drive just for the pleasure of driving; 

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Why used cars can be a better choice

Cars, being super expensive in Singapore, are a status symbol for a lot of people. And with such status symbols, a lot of people want the best, the latest and the newest. Brand new cars are no exception. They give the owner a sense of excitement, a sense of pride (being able to afford a brand new car in Singapore), and joy (who wouldn't be gleaming with happiness from ear to ear when receiving the keys to their brand new car?!)

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5 Useless Modifications For Your Car

We’ve all seen them – vehicle owners who can’t help themselves. Drivers who are so in love with their rides they keep trying to “improve” them, giving their car more attention than it could ever deserve (us included, guilty as charged).

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