3 Wedding Decor Ideas and Themes in Singapore

The wedding décor theme is the most important element of a wedding after the wedding attires of bride and groom. There are so many online forums and cultural practices from where the couples take inspiration for their wedding theme and décor. There are websites such as Pinterest and featured weddings of celebrities which most couples use as a benchmark for their weddings. The basic décor in the most wedding may include beautiful calligraphy, floral arrangements, neon signs, etc. etc. A cohesive wedding theme is required by most couples since there are so many possibilities of holding a beautiful wedding. Wedding theme and décor should be conducted in a manner that it should reflect the personality of bride and groom. The theme of the wedding describes how a couple wants to convey their love story.

The theme selected by the couple should also reflect their wedding venue. Meaning if a couple is planning to go for a garden theme wedding, they should opt for outdoors. A beautiful setting on the wedding day will give the bride and groom the special celebratory feel. There are different wedding themes which couples can opt for in Singapore. But, the most popular among them are described below. 


To keep the wedding lighthearted and fun as well as to have a huge impact on guests, couples can opt for a tropical wedding theme which is one of the most trending themes in Singapore currently. The arrangements for the wedding can range from floral settings which can feature foliage, pineapples, and bright flowers. The tropical theme can also be held in combination with dark color palettes with exotic fruits and rose buckets. The acrylic signage, neon lights, and gold accent can complete the glamourous look of a tropical wedding. The urban tropical theme can also be adopted which will give the wedding an edgy vibe.

The best place for tropical theme weddings are by the beach, and in Singapore, one of them is from Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort Website. As there aren’t that many options for beachside weddings in Singapore, you may have to go overseas if you’d really like to have one. A relatively inexpensive option would be in Thailand or Malaysia - where you’d have tons of options.


The laid-back bohemian vibe with lots of drapes and bohemian pattern rugs with floral-topped tepee and lacy dream-catchers is another wedding theme which is trending in Singapore currently. The couples can capture this dreamy feel with this setting with lots of buckets full of roses. There are diamond wedding arcs in the bohemian outdoor wedding themes with rustic bohemian blooms and sweetheart tables. These are coupled with pampas grass in a palate of dreamy colors such as soft lilacs and dusty blues. This wedding theme is considered the most royal wedding style in Singapore. 


The third most common wedding theme in Singapore currently is botanical décor with floral magic and story-telling. The botanical wedding is based on modern wedding theme which focuses on lush greenery of the outdoor setting. The décor may include foliage installation as well as nude colors floral arrangements, glass and gold accents can be used along with laser cut wooden signage. This is the dreamiest wedding theme where the bride and groom can choose urban attires to match their wedding theme. Most common outdoor arrangements in botanical wedding theme are tall tropical flower arrangements and light colored drapes with pool or lakeside view. 

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