Budget Wedding Car Rentals in Singapore – 8 cars below SGD$400 for 5 hours

Weddings are expensive. And as young couples who may have just started working – wedding costs can take a huge toll on their finances. While there are many loans available out there, some couples would rather save the money – so that they can use it for other purposes such as their new home, car, honeymoon, children etc.


We understand that – which is why we try to keep prices down to tailor to the couple who wants to look exceptional on their wedding day, while also keeping their costs to a minimum (who doesn’t, right?)


Gathering feedback from our customers, a large proportion of them agree that for wedding cars, amounts below $400 is considered budget-friendly/acceptable/affordable for a wedding car rental.


(This applies only to chauffered car rentals. If you’re looking to self drive on your wedding day, do check out our list of budget-friendly self drive options by clicking here)


With that – we are here to provide to you a list of our cars which cost less than $400 for 5 hours (accurate as of Sept 2018),  in no particular order :

  1. Jaguar XF ($378 for 5 hours)

jaguar xf wedding car

jaguar xf wedding car

jaguar xf wedding car

jaguar xf wedding car

jaguar xf wedding car
jaguar xf wedding car

There is no doubt that the Jaguar XF is one of our most popular wedding cars. It’s a niche brand, and as such Jaguars are not as common on Singapore roads as bigger brands like Audi or BMW. This makes it appropriate as a wedding car because it exudes exclusivity and rarity. Furthermore, the shape of the car is very pleasing for the eyes, while the polaris white color is simply a finishing touch on this beautiful piece of british luxury.



  1. Audi A6 ($388 for 5 hours)

The Audi A6 is another popular model that we have, being fully booked for a few months in 2018. The A6 is a safe choice for those who are not too familiar with cars and not too keen to explore other options, as Audi is a well-known brand after all.

audi a6 wedding car
audi a6 wedding car
audi a6 wedding car


  1. Audi A4 ($348 for 5 hours)

The ‘younger brother’ to the Audi A6 (which is a very popular wedding car by the way), is an affordable alternative option for those who are fans of the Audi badge. Rear legroom is decent, and prices start at just $348 for 5 hours. If you’re still undecided, check out our range of Audi wedding cars for rent.


  1. Audi A3 Sedan ($298 for 5 hours)

The Audi A3 can be considered a smaller version of the Audi A4, or a slightly bigger version of the Audi A3 hatchback, depending on how you look at it. Legroom is slightly smaller than the Audi A4, and prices start at about $288 for 5 hours.


5. Mercedes E Class E250 ($388 for 5 hours)

The Mercedes E Class is a comfortable, luxurious and stunning car. At just $388 for 5 hours, this car is good value for money – especially if you compare it to it’s bigger and more expensive brother – the Mercedes Benz S Class. For couples who want to experience comfort and luxury on their wedding without breaking the bank – this is a serious contender.

bmw 5 series wedding car


  1. BMW 5 Series 520i ($388 for 5 hours)

The BMW 5 Series is probably just as good a wedding car as the Mercedes Benz E Class above. This car is popular due to its muscular body, and the white paintjob gives it a very premium executive look.


  1. Mercedes-Benz GLC250 ($388 for 5 hours)

For the bold and adventurous, the Mercedes GLC is a neat choice, given that you don’t see many SUVs being used for weddings (what more a Mercedes SUV!). With ample legroom and comfort, the Mercedes GLC250 is priced at $388 for 5 hours. You can save $40 by getting the silver variant of the Mercedes GLC250, which is priced at just $348 for 5 hours (making it great value for money!).


  1. Toyota Vellfire/Alphard (between $288 to $388 for 5 hours)

Make no mistake – while this car looks big and has a commanding presence on the road, it can actually be had for under $400 for 5 hours – between $288 and $388 to be exact.

With spacious and comfortable captain’s chairs in Vellfire, this car has been the praise of many couples for making them feel like kings and queens on their wedding day.

toyota vellfire interior captains seats

Vellfire Interior – Captains Seats!

toyota alphard wedding car


Toyota Alphard Wedding Car – perfect for Bridesmaids/Groomsmen


And that’s our list of budget wedding cars you can get for under $400 for 5 hours. Stay tuned as we’ll be publishing another list of luxury cars that you can self-drive at affordable prices. You can click here for the full list of our wedding cars.

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