Car Rental - Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Chauffeured and Self Drive Rentals

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms, the Platform and our Services at any time.


Chauffeured Rentals:

1. The Vehicle may only be driven by the assigned Chauffeur.

2. Petrol, Parking and ERP charges are included.

3. Car decorations are not included.

4. Complimentary trip to Bridal Studio, Florist or couple's choice of location for car decorations on eve of actual event day. May be chargeable depending on chosen car’s make and model.

5. Maximum of 4 passengers allowed in the car only (dependent on car’s seating capacity). May require presence of couple to fetch other passengers depending on chosen car.

6. Car will only be reserved when a deposit of 50% of rental price is received. This amount may vary depending on the chosen car’s make and model.

7. Balance payment can be made a week before event date.

8. For use in Singapore only. Additional charges apply for travel to Malaysia for car decorations and any wedding trips.

9. Early/late surcharge may apply for bookings commencing before 7am or ending after midnight, depending on chosen car’s make and model.

10. If the number of trips exceeds 7, charges may apply depending on the chosen car.

11. Payment by Bank Transfer/PayNow/Cash only.

12. Smoking, consumption of food or flavoured drinks is strictly not allowed in the vehicle at all times.

13. Animals and pets are not allowed into the vehicle unless otherwise stated. Kindly inform us in advance if you are planning to bring along your pets.

14. A surcharge is applicable in the event that the decoration attached to the car by the customer and/or their bridal company stains/damages the car.

15. A surcharge is applicable in the event that customers causes any stains/damage to the interior/exterior of the car during the rental period.

Self Drive Rentals:

1. The Borrower undertakes to use the vehicle in accordance with the provisions in this Agreement. You are responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle (and related losses and fees) during the rental period.

2. The Vehicle is the property of the Owner and the Borrower holds no ownership of the Vehicle.

3. The Vehicle may only be driven by the Authorized Borrower or the Authorized Driver(s) stated in the Agreement.

4. Only one Main Driver is allowed, any Additional Driver can be added with an additional charge of S$20.00 per Driver.

5. The Borrower is to carefully use the Vehicle and keep it in good order, as well as not to make any reconstruction or dismounting of the parts of the Vehicle without a prior written acceptance from the Owner.

6. Borrower shall not drive the said Vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

7. Vehicle is equipped with GPS trackers that will respond to the Radio Frequency at the Singapore Customs. Borrower is obliged to inform and pay for Overseas Surcharge at S$50.00 per day to deactivate the immobiliser prior to Rental Period. Borrower will be liable for all costs and charges incurred in the event that the immobilizer is activated. There will be no refund of unused rental time and the Borrower shall bear the cost of the following charges:

i. S$300.00 for towing ii. $200.00 for resetting of the immobiliser

8. Borrower is obliged to inform and pay any fines issued by the government during the Borrower's Rental Period.

9. Usage of Vehicle for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to hire the Vehicle out to third persons or to allow unauthorized person or learners to use the Vehicle or to be involved in crimes or to permit for illegal purposes or for the purposes of test or racing. Failure to comply will result in the Borrower being held fully responsible and shall indemnify the Owner for all losses incurred including the value of the Vehicle in the case of wreckage, seizure or confiscation of Vehicle. There will be a fine of S$5000.00 on top of the amount payable. In essence, the borrower shall not be entitled to:

i. Hire the Vehicle out to third persons

ii. Allow unauthorized persons or learners to use the vehicle

iii. Use of the Vehicle for unlawful activities

iv. Use of the Vehicle for test-driving

v. Use of the Vehicle for tracking or racing purposes

vi. Act recklessly or with deliberate intent to cause loss or damage to the vehicle, including :

Causing the vehicle to roll, tip or fall over and this has caused damage to the side and/or roof area of the vehicle;

The driver caused undercarriage damage to the vehicle;

You or your passengers sit or stand on the roof of the vehicle;

Driving and manoeuvring the vehicle which results in damage occurring above the windscreen line to the front, rear or side of the vehicle including but not limited to damage striking overhead or overhanging objects (such as trees and bridges) or driving into a barrier in a car park before it fully opens;

The driver drove the vehicle with a flat tyre, ignored a warning light, put the wrong fuel in the vehicle or lost the keys.

Driving the vehicle while under the influence of any drug, substance or intoxicating liquor to the extent that driver’s ability to control the vehicle is impaired or where the driver’s blood level of any drug or alcohol is over Singapore’s legal limit;

If a person refuses or fails to provide a breath, blood or other sample when lawfully required to do so by the police or as required by law,

The driver is deemed to be over the legal limit;

Smoking in the vehicle or failing to keep the vehicle clean and returning it in a excessively dirty or smelly condition;

The fitting of objects to the interior or exterior of the vehicle that are not authorised by SG Hired Cars;

vii. Drive the vehicle on unpaved roads, or into restricted areas;

10. In the case of an accident, the Vehicle must not be moved and the Borrower must report to the Owner immediately for next course of actions. If there are bodily injuries, a police report must be made within 24hours. The Borrower shall agree on repair works, damage amount estimation and payment or claims procedures.

11. The Owner shall not be liable to make any payment to the Borrower in respect of or to indemnify the Borrower against any loss, injuries or damage sustained by the Borrower or any third party resulted from the mentioned Vehicle as a result of any defect therein or in taking delivery of the mentioned Vehicle. The Borrower has agreed and is satisfied in all respect that the car is roadworthy and in a proper safe condition.

12. Punctured tyres, damaged tyres and rims, empty petrol tank, flat battery due to negligence, loss of Vehicle's key or locked inside the Vehicle by itself does not constitute to a breakdown and the costs to restore the vehicle to its original condition shall be fully borne by the Borrower.

13. The Borrower shall pay for the cost of petrol during the Rental Period, failing to do so, the Borrower is responsible for any charges or cost in filling the tank. There will be a penalty charge of S$20.00 on top of the cost of the petrol if the petrol level is not returned likewise as collected. There will be no refund for excess petrol.

14. Vehicle must be refilled with fuel rated minimum RON95. The Borrower shall be required to provide the receipt upon returning the Vehicle. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of deposit.

15. The Borrower will be liable for late return charges of S$50.00 per hour.

16. Vehicle is to be returned in its original condition with all the necessary accessories and tools and also in good order and condition as it is collected by the Borrower on or prior to the expiration of the Rental Period.

17. If any defects or damages of the Vehicle are discovered upon returning the Vehicle back to the Owner, the Borrower shall cover all the expenses of the Owner related to eliminating the defects and damages.

18. The Borrower is responsible for obtaining the required cashcard with sufficient balance prior entry into any roads within the ERP system.

19. The Borrower or his/her Passengers must not smoke in the vehicle, failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of deposit.

20. Vehicle is to be returned in clean condition, failing to do so will result in a penalty of S$50.00.

21. All disputes and arguments arising from this Agreement, or related to it, shall be resolved by the parties through mutual negotiations. If the parties fail to negotiate, the dispute shall be resolved in the court institutions of the Republic of Singapore.

22. In the case of a breach in the terms and conditions of the Agreement, the Owner reserves the rights to resume possession of the hired Vehicle at any time from the Borrower in the Owner's interest without prejudice.

23. Animals and pets are not allowed into the Vehicle, failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of deposit.

24. This agreement becomes effective at the moment when signed by the Borrower and shall remain effective until the end of the Rental Period.

25. Car will only be reserved when a deposit of 50% of rental charges is received. May vary depending on requirements of chosen car.

26. Security deposit will be refunded upon Vehicle return in same condition as when it was collected.

27. SG Hired Cars is not responsible for any loss or damage to you and your passenger’s personal possessions in the vehicle, even in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle. 

28. You should check the vehicle for damage before you drive away and inform/clarify any variations to the Owner before driving off

Car Viewing:

a. Free Of Charge at the vehicle's location

b. $50 transport fee applies if car is driven to a location convenient for the customer

c. Transport fee of $50 can be used to offset rental deposit in the event that booking is confirmed after viewing

Car Replacement Policy:

SG Hired Cars reserves the right to replace any confirmed car booking with a car of same series/same make as the confirmed car or an alternative car in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as vehicle breakdown, accidents etc.

Decorations will be replaced if breakdown occurred after car decoration completion. We will try to minimise disruptions to the wedding schedule should there be any.

In the event of couples' requests for any change of car after booking had been confirmed, if no prior agreement was made, change will be subjected to availability and costs if the prevailing rates of the confirmed car is lower

Cancellation Policy:

There will be only a 50% refund of deposit or full payment in the event that reservation is cancelled more than 45 days from event date. For cancellations 45 days or lesser to event date, no refund will be given.