Jaguar wedding car rentals in Singapore

Are you looking for a Jaguar for your wedding? Worry not - we are here to help, and we have a range of sleek, white Jaguars that you may be interested to use for your wedding. We have 2 models, namely the Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJL. 

1. Jaguar XF

Possessing an unrivalled combination of style and substance, the Jaguar XF delivers an utterly seductive blend of design, dynamics and refinement to create a car that offers both excitement and efficiency. -

The Jaguar XF is undoubtedly one of our most popular cars, with some customers booking the car for their wedding next year! We have 2 variations of the Jaguar XF : 

2018 Jaguar XF (chauffeured only)

2018 Jaguar XF Wedding Car
2018 Jaguar XF wedding car rear

$358 for 4 hours 

$438 for 6 hours

$528 for 8 hours 

$628 for 10 hours

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2015 Jaguar XF (self drive/chauffeured)

Jaguar XF Wedding Car
Jaguar XF Wedding Car
Jaguar XF Wedding Car

$308 for 4 hours

$408 for 6 hours 

$498 for 8 hours 

Self drive at $488/day

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2. Jaguar XJL (chauffeured only)

The Jaguar XJL is the ultimate wedding car - it is unique, good-looking, sleek, and not very common on Singapore roads. Plus, it is very spacious and luxurious inside, so that you can travel with your partner in comfort and style on your wedding day.

Jaguar XJL wedding car
Jaguar XJL wedding car rear

$468 for 4 hours

$568 for 6 hours 

$668 for 8 hours 

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