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5 road courtesy rules driving schools may not teach you

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the past few weeks in Singapore, the roads here have just been plagued with accidents. Before driving to work in the morning, I like to open up google maps or waze just to see traffic conditions and MAN OH MAN , the roads are not looking good. Accidents are so commonplace that I get surprised when I check the maps one morning to find that traffic is smooth with no reported accidents. 

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Why used cars can be a better choice

Cars, being super expensive in Singapore, are a status symbol for a lot of people. And with such status symbols, a lot of people want the best, the latest and the newest. Brand new cars are no exception. They give the owner a sense of excitement, a sense of pride (being able to afford a brand new car in Singapore), and joy (who wouldn't be gleaming with happiness from ear to ear when receiving the keys to their brand new car?!)

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