Which wedding car suits your personality?

Choosing the wedding car is likely one of the final steps when planning a wedding.

And since men love cars, it may be one of the only areas where he will be interested to help out. If you’re lucky enough to be marrying a lady who also loves cars, then we are extremely jealous of you. 

That aside, different cars exudes different emotions. Some are loud and flashy, while others are more down to earth. In this article, we will break down what each car type says about the personality of the person inside it. 


You appreciate things that get better with age. You are romantic, old-fashioned, but also a bit of a drama-queen. 

vintage vw beetle

Stretch Limo

A limo may not be such a bad idea if you have lots of bridesmaids to transport. But if you get a stretch limo as a wedding car, it may indicate that you are a social animal, loves to party, being in the spotlight, and maybe slightly immature 😜 

chrysler stretch limo

Luxury Sedan

A no frills, and more laidback attitude. You put in the effort to look good, but you are also practical and don’t go overboard. Comfort and practicality is key to you. You are looking at cars like the Jaguar XF, BMW 7 Series and Audi A6.

Jaguar wedding car

Flashy Sports Car/Supercar

If you choose a sports car, it probably means that you either love cars alot, or you want to attract members of the opposite sex, but forgot that your partner would be sitting in the passenger seat. You know how to enjoy the results of your efforts, but you may be too focused on appearance.

orange Lamborghini


Many drivers don't like convertibles due to the exposure that the vehicles provide. If you choose a convertible as a wedding car, you enjoy life and are a go-getter who lives life to the fullest.

You are adventurous, and proud to show everyone that you’re an extrovert and to see that you live an amazing life, all whilst the wind blows through your hair. You are looking at cars like the BMW 2 Series Convertible, BMW 3 Series convertible and the Audi S5 Convertible.

convertible bmw wedding car


You like to feel powerful, and won’t have anyone order you around. You’re also adventurous, and like to deviate from the norm. Example : Mercedes GLC SUV

mercedes sus wedding car

Premium Luxury 

You spare no expense in looking your best on your wedding day. You are willing to fork out a premium sum to wow your guests, and make your wedding one that everyone will remember in the years to come. You enjoys the finer things in life, are a gentleman (or gentlewoman), you know the value of hard work, and aspire to become respected for what you do. 

Rolls Royce, anyone?

rolls royce wedding car
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