Wedding car rentals in Singapore – What to know

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, especially when you think about all the little things you have to take care of: The guests, the dress, the cake, the wedding place, photo-booths, the food… And when you add a car to the mix, it can be a bit too much for some people.

Or that was, until the idea of wedding car rentals and wedding car companies became readily available to anyone, offering a quick solution to all the couples that are looking for an amazing ride to chauffeur them around on their big day.

If you’re a bride (or a groom) or simply a wedding planner looking to get a wedding car for yourselves or your client, look no further – because you have found it! However, we aren’t here to talk about us or how many couples we serve every week – but to talk about wedding cars and what you need to know.

BMW 7 Series Wedding Car
audi a6 wedding car

Why renting a wedding car is a good idea

Like we said, having to deal with the stress to plan a wedding might get too overwhelming, but by renting a wedding car you can get one problem off your list, and lets you focus on the more important things.

The great thing about wedding car rentals is that you can choose from a range of luxury cars that suit your taste – and pick your favourite amongst all the options we have to offer you.

You don’t have to worry about decorating the car, driving it, and other issues pertaining to driving – we take care of all of those things for you.

So, what wedding car should I rent?

You can choose from a variety of wedding cars here.

To make your life abit easier – here are some of our most popular  chauffeured cars (i.e comes with a driver) :

If you’d like to drive a car yourself, our most popular options are :

We have many different types of wedding cars you can rent depending on your personal taste and what you are looking for. We even have cars suited for those on a budget ! 

Now that you’ve chosen your car – it’s time to decide on your bridal car decoration.

Couples may have their decorations included in their wedding package by their wedding planners. If that is the case, worry not – most of our chauffeured cars come with 1 hour complimentary decor time the day before the wedding.

If you don’t have a bridal decor for your car, we have tie ups with bridals in Singapore, and you can choose from a variety of designs here.

Once that is done – sit back and relax till it comes to pick you up on your big day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the cars strictly to chauffeur the wedding couple?

Nope. We have customers who don’t mind sharing their wedding cars with their family and friends. However – space might be abit tight for 4/5 adults. If you’d like a separate car for your family/friends/bridesmaids/groomsmen, we recommend getting a toyota alphard/vellfire or honda civic/mazda 3 to bring them around !

Is petrol, parking etc. inclusive?

For the chauffeured option, yes ! It’s inclusive so you don’t have to worry about parking, petrol, tolls etc.

Do your cars have enough legroom in the rear?

For most of our cars – yes ! However if you’re looking for as much legroom as possible, we recommend getting a full-sized limo like the Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 SeriesJaguar XJL or a luxury MPV like the toyota alphard/vellfire.

Do I have to tip the driver?

That’s entirely up to you ! We do not have any ‘mandatory tipping’ policies, as we feel that our customers have the right to choose whether or not the driver has met their expectations enough to warrant a tip.

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