The cars we liked from the Singapore Motor Show

We hope you enjoyed the Singapore motor show as much as we did ! With tons of new cars, pretty ladies, and huge discounts on selected models - it was one motor show not to be forgotten. As manufacturers impressed visitors with the latest in automotive tech and features, here are a few cars that we particularly liked :

1. BMW X5

The fourth generation of BMW’s original Sport Utility Vehicle is one that has fans eagerly waiting. It arrives in 5 or 7 seater models, catering to those who want a sporty car that can eat the roads with its mean stance and powerful engine, yet be practical enough for the entire family. Being a 7 seater will definitely open up the BMW X5 to more customers, especially those who need the extra seats. 

Cars shipped to Singapore will get adaptive air suspension and electronically controlled dampers, which will result in a more comfy ride even on rough surfaces. It will definitely be comfortable, but is it fast? Well, let the numbers do the talking : 

The X5’s engine produces 340hp and 450Nm of torque, which means it's pretty damn quick. Those are Porsche cayenne figures ! 0-100kmh takes just 5.5 seconds, which means you better be careful if you’re driving in Singapore, or you risk losing your license in this mean machine. 

The BMW X5 will arrive on the shores of Singapore early next year at an estimated price of about S$350,000 (with Certificate of Entitlement).


2. Hyundai i30N

The i30N is Hyundai’s first hot hatch, a segment that has been dominated by the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R, Honda Civic Type R and BMW 1 ///M Series. The 2 litre turbocharged, 4 cylinder engine churns out 271bhp at 6000rpm and 279lb ft between 1500rpm (overboost feature pumps those numbers up to 4700rpm) - but this is for the Performance Package. The standard Hyundai i30N comes with 241bhp.

When tested, the Hyundai i30N does the century sprint in 6.4 seconds which isn’t all too bad - respectable numbers for a hot hatch. 

The Hyundai i30N reportedly costs $145,000 with COE. 


3. Range Rover Evoque 

When the first Range Rover Evoque first came out - we knew it as the car designed by Victoria Beckham. 

But the second generation of Land Rover’s popular small SUV gets a fresh platform, a cleaner look and now comes with hybrid technology across most of its range. More than 90% of the components on this car are new !

Speaking of new, there are a some new tricks in this car - such as a transmission called ‘driveline disconnect’, which in makes the vehicle front-wheel drive when it’s cruising along on the highway.

Another new component is the MHEV electronic system which will cut the engine off completely below 17kmh, instead of waiting for the vehicle to reach a standstill - and use a belt-integrated starter generator to assist with acceleration if required. This electric device also helps to reduce turbo lag and overcome any delay in stop-start activity. Land Rover says the MHEV system alone brings a up to a six per cent reduction in fuel consumption, saving as much as 8g/km of CO2 emissions.

We are unsure of the pricing at this point.

range rover evoque

4. Volvo S60

Volvo’s chief claims that the new Volvo S60 is “one of the most exciting Volvo cars [they’ve] ever made” and “a true driver’s car” . With such strong statements - we are expecting a lot of driving appeal for this car. 

The Volvo S60 is a smart saloon car that’s comfortable to drive and comes with a plush, spacious interior. The interior is excellent - almost every surface of the dashboard, centre console and doors comes with a soft plastic or brushed aluminium finish and you get lots of lovely cold-to-the-touch metal switches and handles dotted about the place, too.

Volvos are known to be family cars - so we were quite surprised that its competitors like the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 has a larger boot. But being a family car - and a Volvo, you get plenty of advanced safety systems designed to prevent avoidable collisions.

We are unsure of the pricing at this point.

volvo s60
volvo s60
volvo s60

Other notable cars : 

Nissan Note

An economical small car - the Nissan Note is a compact vehicle having a 1-2litre engine based on tri-cylinders. The vehicle is economically friendly and gives fuel average of 20km/l. Nissan Note is indeed an enhanced version of quality and comfort as compared to previous generations, and was priced at an affordable $68,000 at the Singapore Motor Show. 

Prius Plus

The Prius is an amazing innovation from the Toyota Company from way back in 1997, and has come a long way, evolving into what it is today. The Prius Plus is a stretched vehicle designed from the admiration of several hatchback cars, but with the intention of designing a spacious car. The hybrid technology gives the fuel average of up to 50km/l with a range of 100km on battery at a speed of 40km/h. Having a 1.8litre engine, Prius Plus was priced at $119,000 at the Singapore Motor Show.

Volkswagen Passat Comfortline

The new Volkswagen Passat Comfortline definitely looks more sleek and classier than before. 

Sitting in the Passat, you find yourself surrounded by a luxurious cabin with impeccable fit and finish. Above all, the knobs and panels are all positioned to ergonomical perfection. If these features are not enough to convince you, the jaw-dropping discount of $24,000 off its usual price tag at this motor show will surely seal the deal.

knitted (and pretty luxurious) interior gives it a cozy and a comfy look with buttons and panels designed with ergonomics in mind.  The Passat Comfortline had plenty of features all in the line of the latest technological to woo customers, coupled with the $24,000 discount at the Singapore motor show! 

What was your favourite car at the motorshow?

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