BMW - Brand Overview - The Ultimate Driving Machine

Overview of BMW

BMW, fully known as Bavarian Motor Works, is a German company in the business of producing automobiles and motorcycles, most of which are luxurious creations.

Brief History

The company was first established in 1916 in Bavaria, Germany. BMW’s automobile journey didn’t exactly begin with cars, with the manufacturer starting it’s production with aircraft engines which were mostly known for their fuel-saving capabilities. However, the company moved on to producing motorcycles and cars in 1923, including a lineup of cars like sports cars, coupes, sedans, and convertibles which were the hallmark of cars produced for the majority of the 1930s.


There are certain things that BMW is known for around the globe, some of which set it apart from other car manufacturers.


BMW automobiles are specially recognized for their luxury, providing drivers with quality and comfort that only a few can match. This is the car maker’s number one value proposition for anyone interested in driving them. The interiors are especially awesome and ooze class. As at 2010, BMW was found to have sold the highest number of luxury vehicles in the world. This is an ample pointer to the company’s investment in the premium value of cars, ensuring that it meets the taste of its already established customer, as well as potential buyers who have a knack for luxurious cars.

Road Performance

Not only is BMW an advocate for luxury, its cars are also known for being excellent road cruisers, from good handling qualities to awesome speed and acceleration capabilities. Hence, it adequately combines luxury with adequate road performance.


A couple of BMW cars have been specially built for speed and ultimately, racing. It is no surprise that BNW creations have been found in some ot the world’s most prestigious motorsport events. This list includes, Formula One, Formula Two, Dakar Rally, Touring Cars, Endurance Racing, Isle of Man TT, and American Le Mans Series.

BMW in the Market

BMW car sales volume in the last 13 years have come in their millions annually, a number that is split among its different models.


Some Top Models

BMW X Series – X6

First things first, this BMW model possesses a beastly engine, one of the strongest in the automobile market – a Twin Turbo 4.4 liter V8 engine. It is a premium 4x4 SUV that can reach a high speed of 155 miles per hour. The all-wheel drive system ensures that handling is top notch and seamless. It’s weight of 2.2 tons has nothing on its excellent overall traction. Then, there’s the exquisite interiors which complete this premium automobile, from the excellent front seats which are power-adjustable and a dashboard made out of the best leather.

BMW 2 Series – Active Tourer

As the name suggests, the Active Tourer is another BMW luxury offering that is just perfect for trips among friends and family members. It also possesses an awesome engine – a MPV 1.5L V3 engine that is quite exceptional when compared to other MPVs. The car also cmes with an extensive set of safety kits, including a monitoring system for tyre pressure and six airbags.

BMW 4 Series – Gran Coupe

The Gran Coupe is a bestseller among the collection in the 4 Series, halving the entire sales in this category. This is partly due to the aesthetics of the car – it’s design and overall outlook.  The car comes with some exciting unique features as well, such as its doors which are frameless. The car also wins on its functionality, from strong engines to its top speed of 145 mph.


BMW Rental

BMWs are perfect for people looking to go out in style. By doing a BMW rental, individuals who do not have the funds to acquire a premium BMW vehicle can still get to enjoy all the luxury and quality that comes with a BMW rental.


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