8 brand new cars you can get in Singapore for under $80,000 (feb 2019)

With COE prices now at (relatively) affordable prices, we take a look at some of the best cars you can get brand new under $80,000, as at Feb 2019.

COE prices for cars for your reference :

Cat A : $ 25,689

Cat B : $34,509

Cat E : $35,310

So what are some of the top choices if your budget for a brand new car is $80,000 ?

  1. Honda Jazz/Fit

With a 1.3 litre engine producing 98 bhp, the honda fit is an affordable brand new car. It is also very popular in Singapore because of the reliable honda badge, and extremely economical with fuel consumption standing at 19.6km/l.

If the engine isn’t powerful enough for you, why not consider the Honda Fit Hybrid - with prices starting at $80,000. This 1.5 litre engine bumps the power output to 135 brake horsepower and fuel economy at a mind boggling 37.2 km/l. With a 40 litre fuel tank, this car can do about 1200 - 1480 km per tank !

Do also consider the Honda Jazz from Kah Motor (which is the official Honda dealer in Singapore). The Honda Jazz is essentially the same car as the Honda Fit but with a different name.

2. Honda Shuttle

If the Toyota Wish is not your cup of tea, and the current price ($115,000) is out of reach - then a serious contender to that car would be the Honda Shuttle. With a modern looking front and simple looking interior, the Honda Shuttle is a great buy at just $78,000 for the base model. The Honda Shuttle comes with a 1.5 litre engine producing 130 brake horsepower, while fuel efficiency stands at an outstanding 21.8km/l.

3. Honda City

If you’re looking for a sedan that is perfect for Singapore roads - check out the Honda City. This small sedan starts at $75,999 for the 1.5V variant and produces 118 brake horsepower, with fuel economy at a respectable 16.9km/l.

Only downside we see is - why the Honda City has a similar 1.5 litre engine as other cars (like the Honda Shuttle), is lighter than the shuttle, yet gets worse fuel economy. Hmmmm..

4. Hyundai Accent 4D

If the Honda City is too common, you may want to consider the Hyundai Accent. This car is cheaper at $69,999 - but comes with lesser power, higher fuel consumption and a smaller engine.

This car also comes in a manual for those who want to feel more connected to the drive, and it’s stylish looks sets it apart from other cars in this segment.

5. Hyundai Avante

The new Hyundai Avante gets a fresh look with sharper lines and daytime running lights. The interior is also a big step up from the previous Avante and looks excellent for a car in this class and price range. Speaking of price, the Hyundai Avante starts at $76,999 for the base model and comes with a 1.6 litre engine producing 126 brake horsepower. Fuel economy stands at a respectable 14.9 km/l

6. Kia Cerato

One of the more stylish looking cars in our list - the Cerato starts at $73,999. It comes with a 1.6 litre engine that produces 126 brake horsepower, and does 15.1km/l.

The exterior of this car is really stylish and modern. Suffice to say, it’s a good looking car ! The interior of the Kia Cerato also looks really good, with quality materials used throughout the cabin, and an impressive infotainment system.

This is one name you are definitely familiar with, and is a top choice for many drivers for it’s well known badge and reliability. The new Toyota Vios now looks sportier than ever, even if the interior has not changed much. Prices start at $75,988 for a Toyota Vios with 1.5 litre engine, producing 106 brake horsepower and fuel efficiency figure of 17.2km/l.

8. Suzuki Swift



The new Suzuki Swift is one good looking car, and it even reminds us of the Mini Cooper ! With a 1 litre turbocharged engine, this car produces 109 brake horsepower and an excellent fuel efficiency figure of 17.5km/l.

Aside from the frugal engine, your road tax will only be $392 per year, which is cheaper than some class 2 motorcycles ! The interior look and quality is also a big upgrade from the previous generation Suzuki Swift, so this is one serious contender if you’re looking for a small, affordable car.