5 Typical Singaporean Driver Stereotypes 

Let’s face it. We Singaporeans are not the best drivers around. If you think I’m just trying to put down my fellow countrymen, just ask other Singaporeans. I bet you that most (if not all) will have something bad to say about our Singaporean drivers. 

While some of us do our best and try to be good, courteous and gracious drivers, there are some who simply cannot be bothered to be a better driver. These are the people who often think they are not in the wrong, even when it’s clear that they are. 

As a driver myself, I’ve noticed some characteristics of our fellow Singaporeans, that I do not generally see from drivers in other countries. Granted, I haven’t driven in too many countries, but still, here are some of the characteristics I noticed that identifies us as Singaporeans : 

1. Road hogging 

Don’t you hate it when you’re late, and driving as fast as possible (within the speed limits of course), only to be blocked by a slow car in the first lane?

This is a trait I noticed in many Singaporean drivers. We love to road hog, which means we drive below the speed limit on the first lane of the highway. 

While I personally hate road hoggers, I know of a few people who support their road hogging antics by claiming that ‘no one should be speeding’ and that they are upholding the law by driving slowly to prevent others from speeding.

Please - get off your high horse. You have no idea what situation the other drivers could be in to justify your actions. What’s worse - I see being done even in neighbouring Malaysia. As a Singaporean, I am utterly embarrassed when I see such things. I just wished there was something I could do to stop this bad habit. 

And as someone who drives in Malaysia often, I have to say that Malaysians have a good habit of keeping to the left, and giving way to other, faster drivers. This habit helps to regulate the flow of traffic and makes driving more enjoyable. 

road hogging in singapore

2. Not using their indicators
This is probably the biggest pet peeve most drivers have. I noticed that maybe half of Singaporean drivers I encounter do not use their signals, which is a pretty dangerous driving habit to have. 

There were also multiple times were I honked at another driver for cutting into my lane without using their signals, and once they heard the horn - started signalling.

In essence, they turned on their indicators to signal that they were going to change lanes, AFTER changing lanes. *facepalm*

If you’re reading this and you don’t already have the habit of using your signals - please start using them. It’s not difficult. 

have you seen this thing in your car?

have you seen this thing in your car?

3. Driver swerving within his own lane

I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered this. You’re casually driving behind another car, when you notice that the driver in front of you is kind of driving erratically within his own lane, and at times almost veering off and colliding with a car in another lane. 

After speaking to a few friends, I think one of the causes is that some drivers like to grip really hard on their steering wheel. This means that any small adjustments they make, will have a bigger effect on the steering wheel. (this is just our theory, feel free to disagree)

Another cause is probably drivers who are distracted by Pokemon Go on their phones, or are simply bad drivers. 

4. Preventing others from cutting into their lane

You’ve been there - when you turn on your indicators to signal that you’re gonna change lanes, the car in the lane you wanna move to starts speeding up so you can’t enter their lane. This is a frustrating habit which has made me miss god-knows-how-many exits, simply because other drivers are too selfish to let others cut in front of them.

One of the common reasons behind this, I heard was that drivers are afraid the person that cuts into their lane will slow down. So instead, the driver will speed up to prevent others from cutting into their lanes and slowing them down.

While this may be true in certain situations, I personally rarely encounter this. Instead, some drivers who I gave way to will instead raise their hands as a ‘thank you’ gesture, and will rarely slow down or obstruct my way.

Perhaps we should try to give way to others more often to see that this is more of a myth and is not usually true. 

lane change

5. Waiting for the ERP gantry to turn off

This is a truly magical sight, and something difficult to find in other parts of the world. I’ve seen it during morning peak hour traffic - drivers literally stopping their cars in the middle of the freaking expressway just to avoid paying ERP. 

What’s funnier is that there are other drivers queuing up behind this first guy, and no one is honking at each other! A line of cars, literally stopped in the middle of the expressway - all patiently waiting for the ERP to turn off before passing through it.

Similarly, I’ve seen some drivers drive really, really slowly when the approach the gantry close to the time it will turn off. For example, if the ERP gantry turns off at 9.30am and a driver reaches the area at 9.28am, they will drive really, REALLY slowly just to avoid paying for the ERP. The first time I saw it, I was laughing my ass off at the lengths drivers go to just to avoid paying $1, when their car easily costs them 6 figures.  

Example here : https://www.facebook.com/allsgstuff/videos/302819060412895/